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The Bun Factory

Create the brand identity of the contemporary bun.

Create the brand identity of the contemporary bun.


Mention bun along the streets of the capital and you’ll be followed by the echoes of turning heads and sideways glances. Rome is on the lookout for something, but hasn’t heard yet. We have given it a name, a face and a voice with which to present itself. It had quite a few things to say. Welcome to The Bun Factory.


We have described the assembly of the perfect bun as a construction process and played with the concept to design its visual identity. A 360° storytelling came to life in the coordinated image of the factory, then transcribed to the menu, website, social media btl material and shooting.

The industrial look and the characteristic colour palette of urban construction sites.

The heavy-duty mood and materials are strongly reflected in the design of the menu, reviewed by one the world’s top design blog: Underconsideration

The new local battlefield.

The Factory becomes the battleground of the eternal Italian conflict, an authentic bun fight. Each month a new regional bun arrives, each month a video tutorial on the making of. The gauntlet has been thrown down…

  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Director
    Gioia Riccioni
  • Account Manager
    Giulia Martinis
What we did
  • Brand Identity
    Brand Strategy & Positioning
    Film & Motion Graphic
    Packaging & Product Design
    Social Media Management
    Web Design & UX/UI